Internet Prayer Resources

A selection of prayer materials we hope you might find helpful, from the websites of various other churches and Christian groups

(Please note these are third-party websites elsewhere on the internet and as such we cannot take responsibility for their current content)

ReJesus Daily Prayer Offers contemporary morning, day and night prayer with prayer exercises and bible
Community of Aidan and Hilda Morning, midday, evening and night prayer, plus readings with
Jesuit Sacred Space Daily prayer using lectionary readings, contemplative music, prayer and reflection - –as a phone app or on your
or as podcasts:
Taizé Short daily reading and reflective quote for the
Henri Nouwen Daily email meditations from his
Centre for Action and Compassion Daily email meditations from the writings of Richard
Scripture Union Daily online Bible reading and prayer
London Internet Church Resources under ‘Worship’ with morning or evening prayer, Thought for the Day and prayer
St Pixels Church on the Internet with online and Facebook based worship, prayer and
Moot Written and audio prayer exercises and patterns for daily
Morning Bell Facebook group with a daily prayer image from Ian Adamsthemorningbell
Church Army Daily Office On-line liturgy for daily
i-church Diocese of Oxford’s online Christian community with online liturgies, prayer forum and