Do you know this man?

He was born to a humble family in an insignificant village and never went to college. He worked as a carpenter, never owned a house or his own transport or anything else. He never wrote a book, never won elections nor held high office in any organisation. After 3 years of itinerant preaching he was hung out to die between two thieves. Two thousand years later about two billion people proclaim him as a friend and saviour.

If you are a local man and are interested in, curious or convinced about Jesus and would like to share some time exploring with some of your neighbours what it means to be a Christian man today, then contact Richard Maybury on 604072 and come along to one of our Hindhead Fishermen meetings.

Earlier this year we held a breakfast for over 60 men, and recently we enjoyed another of our popular curry nights. A number of us are enjoying Table Talk where we get together for food and a beer and talk about the stuff that matters …

Listen to what Jesus means to a few men here – including one of the Fishermen!