What We Do

Worshipping… God and seeking his glory
God, who is Father, Son and Spirit, is at the centre of all that we are and all that we do. Our services and events focus on him and we offer a range of worship styles suitable for all.

Caring… for one another
Jesus brings us into a new relationship with God and with other people. The church is not about the building or the clergy, but about a new family of men and women, boys and girls.

Learning… through study of God’s Word
God loves us just as we are. God also wants us to reach our full potential by growing to become more like Jesus. The Bible is a way that God speaks to us to help us to grow.

Serving… the church by using our gifts
God has given gifts to everyone of us. He wants us to use these gifts, so that the church can be healthy and can work to serve God in the community and in the wider world.

Sharing… the Good News of Jesus Christ
Through his life, death and resurrection, Jesus can give us fullness of life and offer us hope for eternity. This is such good news that we want to share it through word and action.

How can I get involved?

Seek to attend a service as regularly as possible.

Consider baptism and confirmation and join the church electoral role.

Come along to a home group, the ‘Hindhead Fishermen’ or Alpha.

Get involved in an area of church life and be part of the financial giving scheme.

Invite people, welcome strangers and pray for the church here and everywhere