Maundy Thursday   Communion 8.00pm

Good Friday             Quiet service 11.00am

Good Friday              Walk of Witness 12.00pm

Easter Saturday       Tenebrae ‘Shadows’ service 7.30pm

Easter Day               Communion 9.00am

Easter Day               All Age Communion Celebration 10.30am


Alpha Course – Films available here!

To view the Alpha Course films, please click on the word ‘WATCH’:

Week 1 ‘Is there more to life than this?’ WATCH

Week 2 ‘Who is Jesus?’ WATCH 

Week 3 ‘Why did Jesus die?’ WATCH

Week 4 ‘How can I have faith?’ WATCH

Week 5 ‘Why and how do I pray?’ WATCH

Week 6 ‘Why and how should I read the Bible?’ WATCH

Week 7 ‘How does God guide us’ WATCH

Away Day film 1 WATCH

Away Day film 2 WATCH

Away Day film 3 WATCH

Away Day film 4 WATCH 

Week 8 ‘How can I resist evil?’ WATCH

Week 9 ‘Why and how should I tell others?’ WATCH

Week 10 ‘Does God heal today?’ WATCH

Week 11 ‘What about the Church?’ WATCH